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Summer is a good time to start your 2017 tax planning and organize your tax records

You may be tempted to forget all about taxes during summertime, when “the livin’ is easy,” as the Gershwin song goes. But if you start your tax planning now, you may avoid an unpleasant tax surprise when you file next year. Summer is also a good time to set up a storage system for your tax records. Here are some tips:   Read More  >>

3 reasons to outsource your business’s bookkeeping.

Wouldn't you rather be doing something - anything - besides the books?   Read More  >>

Use the “Where’s My Refund?” Tool

Taxpayers who have not yet received their income tax refunds can use “Where’s My Refund?” app to check the status. Find it on IRS.gov or the free IRS mobile app IRS2Go.   Read More  >>

IRS Launches New Online Tool to Assist Taxpayers with Basic Account Information

WASHINGTON – The Internal Revenue Service announced today the launch of an online application that will assist taxpayers with straightforward balance inquiries in a safe, easy and convenient way.   Read More  >>

IRS, Security Summit Partners, Remind Taxpayers to Protect Themselves Online

WASHINGTON –The Internal Revenue Service, the states and the tax industry today urged taxpayers to take steps to protect themselves online to help in the fight against identity theft. Scammers, hackers and identity thieves are looking to steal taxpayers’ personal information and ultimately their money. But, there are simple steps taxpayers can take to help protect themselves, like keeping computer software up-to-date and being cautious about giving out their personal information.   Read More  >>

DOL issues new OT rules: What you need to know, what they'll cost

The Department of Labor (DOL) has finalized a rule that, effective Dec. 1, 2016, will make significant changes to the overtime regulations in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). As you know, employees covered by the FLSA must receive overtime pay for all hours worked over 40 in a workweek at a rate of not less than one and one-half times their regular rates of pay, unless otherwise exempt.   Read More  >>

Changes to Tax Return Due Dates

   Read More  >>

What your lender really wants to hear

Lenders expect construction companies to operate in a manner that assures both timely payments and the feasibility of future loans. Thus, there are certainly things they want to hear from contractors. This article discusses the importance of sound financial information and established business imperatives such as insurance and proper licensing.   Read More  >>

6 tips for hiring, training and managing Millennials

Contractors continue to face a serious shortage of skilled workers, both on the jobsite and in the office. But there lies hope in “Millennials” — that is, prospective employees between the ages of 18 and 35. This article offers six tips on how to hire, train and manage these young workers.   Read More  >>

Incentive-based safety programs: Benefits and risks

Some construction companies can manage safety informally through stated rules, trust and accountability. But, as a business grows, a more formal approach may be warranted. Many contractors eventually consider an incentive-based safety program. This article describes both the benefits and risks of these programs.   Read More  >>